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Dampp Chaser Installation

    Pianos need a controlled environment. A properly functioning piano needs a controlled and stable humidity and temperature. This gives your piano a much longer life span and better sound and performance. It is best to control the room by first controlling the humidity level. The humidity level should be between 35% and 55% with the most desirable level at 45% for the room.

     If your piano is not in a controlled environment, then you may need a dampp chaser system to help control the humidity of the piano. Protect your piano's investment value by having a piano climate control system installed out of sight inside your piano, grand or upright, to combat dry and humid conditions that can cause costly damage.

    We are proud to service, sell and install Piano Life Saver Humidity Control Systems. We are "Certified Installers" as well as "Field Experts".

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Baby Grande Piano

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