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Going Green

   It is very disheartening to condemn a piano or see pianos sent to the landfill at an alarming rate by our “throw away society”. Many of the pianos being built today off shore are of poor or lesser quality.

   The old Canadian and American pianos were built to last for generations.  This is why they are still working after close to, or in some cases over 100 years.  Most of these pianos can be restored. Many have wonderful cases and ornate carvings hidden under countless layers of varnish, paint and grime.You can’t get those decorative cases or wonderful veneers anymore. A lot of the soundboards, case and action parts were made from old growth trees, sadly now all depleted. Most of the old uprights are tall which means they have a larger soundboard (speaker) and longer strings. The tone is amazing, the bass is dynamic and it beckons you to play it. New upright pianos are not built this tall anymore.

   These old pianos are solid and deserve to be restored to their former glory. Imagine how the future generations will appreciate inheriting their “Grandparents” quality piano, just as we have. Continue the tradition, make your piano whether it’s a grand or upright, part of your family history. Go save our planet, reuse, recycle, restore your old piano. (All the old parts are recycled).

Piano Restoration