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Like all things we care about, a piano needs regular maintenance to be at its best.

   The three components of musical performance that need to be adjusted periodically are pitch (by tuning and pitch raising), touch (by regulating) and tone (by voicing). We are now offering piano storage starting in 2018 (see the information below)!

Tuning Services

  • To adjust the tension of more than 200 strings, so they are in harmony with each other.

Most piano manufacturers recommend two tunings per year to optimize your instrument's performance.



Due to wear and tear as well as climate changes, the wood and cloth parts need to be restored as close as possible to the original factory specifications.

Pianos should be regulated on an ongoing basis.

Some indicating symptoms are:

This is an upright piano action.

  • Keys rattle, action is excessively noisy
  • Strings sustaining too long
  • Keys seem to go down too far or seem too shallow
  • Pedal problems (Squeaking, or Grinding sounds)
  • Notes do not repeat quickly
  • Notes continue to ring after the key returns
  • Piano has developed a harsh metallic sound
  • The keys do not feel the same as when purchased


   Voicing is one of the most neglected areas in piano servicing. Properly voiced, your piano can produce a rich contrast in tonal colors. We have both studied voicing at Steinway and Sons as well as with Marc Weinert (NYC) and World Expert Andre Oorebeek (Netherlands).

Examples of Voicing Symptoms:

  • The piano has a harsh or extremely bright sound (tinny)
  • You are not happy with the sound after the piano has been tuned
  • The tone varies between notes
  • The volume varies between notes
  • The piano sounds different than when purchased
  • The piano has lost its ability to play softly
  • The piano is too mellow sounding.

Check out our "January 2016" review video comparison on our testimonial page!

Piano Storage

   Allow ITUNE4U to store your piano for any duration that you require. If you are in the middle of a renovation, moving, or require more space for a temporary time, call or email us.

Possible Needs for Storage Could Include:

  • Moving between two homes
  • You are renovating your home, and don't want piano damage
  • Flooring is being redone in your piano's location
  • There is reclamation being done in the house, and fear humidity issues
  • You are downsizing and need a place to store your investment
  • Long-term storage needs
  • Short-term storage unique situations

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